Lineage II Info :: Quests
Quest Name :Mutated Kaneus - Dion
Quest Id :10277
Step number :1
Step description :Mutated Cellular Tissue
Related items :Crimson Hatu Otis' Cellular Tissue
Seer Flouros' Cellular Tissue
Requirements :
Short description :
Quest description :You have been asked by Magister Mirien at Einhasad Temple of the Town of Dion to defeat Mutated Kaneus of Kamalok Crimson Hatu Otis and Seer Flouros, and bring mutated cellular tissues.\\Monsters to hunt: Crimson Hatu Otis and Seer Flouros\
Level min :none
Level max :none
Additional steps :1 : Mutated Kaneus - Dion (Mutated Cellular Tissue)
2 : Mutated Kaneus - Dion (Let's return to Mirien)